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Thank you, George Chapman, for surviving.

Mentioned throughout the book was George Chapman, who at 22 years of age joined the 18th NYI on May 10, 1861, as a first lieutenant in Company I. His diary, shared from one of his direct descendants, aided the book with his intimate anecdotes, weather patterns, and interesting complaints of a soldier in the field. His resignation from ill health in January of 1863 was a choice that essentially saved his life. Lucky for us, he survived the war, and ten years after his resignation, he and his wife bore a son, Arthur Chapman. Below is a candid photo shared by one of his descendants of George and his son Arthur playing chess. I say "lucky for us, he survived" for had he not, you would never have heard of the poem, "Out Where the West Begins" written by Arthur Chapman.

Courtesy of New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center, Saratoga Springs, NY. Colorized by Ryan A. Conklin

George Chapman playing chess with son, Arthur. Courtesy of Jill Palmer.

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